No Fax Payday Loans Online Direct Lenders -Kslawca.Com Sun, 30 Aug 2020 14:40:00 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Credit with credit card | Revolving Credit Cards Sun, 26 Jan 2020 23:06:10 +0000 The consumer can use a credit card if he applies for a so-called revolving credit card. Revolving credit cards significantly increase the financial scope, but also extremely run the risk of falling into debt.

What are Revolving Credit Cards?

What are Revolving Credit Cards?

Revolving credit cards are credit cards with a credit line with the installment facility activated. In practice, this is an intermediate thing between an installment loan and a overdraft facility. The credit line applies for a certain amount X.

This can be used in whole or in part, but does not have to be paid in full at the end of the month. Most of the time, credit card issuers agree a certain minimum amount in absolute terms, for example 30 USD and / or a certain percentage of the turnover that has to be repaid. Credit with a credit card is practical but also a dangerous matter, as the example shows.

An example of credit card credit

An example of credit card credit

The credit line is 7,000 USD. A cardholder uses his credit card and had sales of 950 USD at the end of the month. Now he must either repay the minimum amount by day X or 3% of 950 USD. He repays 50 USD. As a credit line, he now has 6,100 USD, which may be used in the following month. The cardholder generates sales of 1,200 USD in the following month and repays only 50 USD at the end of the month. The new credit line will then be 4,950 USD.

This game can be continued indefinitely until the frame is exhausted. The whole thing is of course not free. Credit card is a little more expensive than the most expensive overdraft facility. Interest rates of 20% are not uncommon. If you only make the minimum repayment, you will not be able to repay the loan, even if no card transactions are made, because the monthly interest is higher than the repayment amount.

Consumer advocates also warn of revolving credit cards, which have already driven millions of Americans into debt in America.

500 payday loan direct lender -Request a loan direct online payday loan companies Thu, 16 Jan 2020 08:32:38 +0000 Request a loan direct online payday loan companies

Did you have an unexpected like unexpected payment that you didn’t expect and you’re running out of cash? It can happen to everyone to find themselves with an unscheduled expense for this the best solution to solve the problem immediately is the request for a loan direct online payday loan companies where the amount not tied to specific use and you can spend the money in total freedom.

Solutions designed to meet this need where the disbursement of the loan, for not too high amounts,  it happens very quickly, usually within 24/48 hours.

Fast personal online loans can be used for car or motorbike purchase, debt consolidation, home renovation, furniture or appliance purchase, travel, purchase of a box. Finally, you can also make a request just to get cash.

How to apply for a fast personal loan

How to apply for a fast personal loan

The request can be made using traditional channels such as going to your bank, explaining the need, even if the timing could be not really fast, the problem could be solved. Otherwise, you could turn to the web. Fast online loans, only the best financing solution when there is an impending urgency. Obviously, you can take advantage of the convenience of the system, from the comfort of your home, you can evaluate the best proposal among several online loan quotes, in this way you can get not only the fast loan but also the most convenient.

Who can apply for fast personal loans

Who can apply for fast personal loans

Anyone with a demonstrable income can make the request, therefore the employees with a paycheck, the pensioners with the pension slip and the self-employed with the income tax return. The amount of Fast Personal Loans Online must always be related to the applicant’s income. The optional option is the stipulation of an insurance policy to cover the risk of death.

How to get a fast personal loan

How to get a fast personal loan

An important requirement for the request is to have a positive credit history, having other regularly paid loans helps the company arrogance to positively evaluate your new request. However, it is also possible to find fast loans to bad payers, under different conditions, such as it will take longer to receive the money and the economic conditions may also be different. In this case, the presence of a second signature on the contract increases the guarantees and could be fundamental for the approval of the file.

Necessary documentation

Necessary documentation

In practice, fast loans are nothing more than traditional personal loans, so the necessary documentation will also be identical:

  • valid identity document
  • the tax code
  • Users (Enel, Gas or Telecom) of their home e
  • a certification regarding your profitable situation, such as the latest payslips, pension slips or the most recent tax return.
Payday loan without proof: where to get it at the best rate? Wed, 15 Jan 2020 11:50:34 +0000 The payday loan without proof of project is a credit whose money can be used completely freely. It is in no case a loan without supporting documents to be provided. All the main consumer credit players (credit organizations, banks, insurers) have payday loan solutions. But who offers the best rate, and how do you make sure you get it?

What is a payday loan without proof?

What is a personal loan without proof?

The personal credit without justification is a loan that does not require justification on the issue of the use of money. This consumer credit differs from products such as new car credit or work loan, which involve providing a purchase order.

Personal credit offers complete freedom in carrying out your project. It can be used as travel credit, facilitate the purchase of a new second-hand vehicle or even make it possible to carry out the wedding of your dreams. Please note that this is not a loan without proof of income to be provided. Impossible, for example, to find a payday loan without proof of salary. Here are the main features of the payday loan without proof of use:

  • Amount: $ 1,000 to $ 75,000
  • Duration: generally 12 to 60 months, more in some cases
  • Rate: fixed APR
  • The payday loan is without proof of use of the loaned money

The APR rate explained

Personal credit solutions are always associated with an APR rate. This annual effective annual rate includes the cost of the credit, as well as all the additional costs (administration fees). It is a benchmark in consumer credit. Our payday loan comparator without proof is based on the APR, and makes it possible to directly differentiate a cheap payday loan from another less advantageous.

Payday loan without proof: where to apply?

Personal loan without proof: where to apply?

You should know that all credit players offer payday loans without proof of use. It is a type of credit much appreciated by the French, who are using it more and more to carry out various projects (travel, marriage, etc.). Unfortunately, not all of them have interesting offers. There are indeed huge disparities at several levels (rate, speed of processing requests) between several payday loan offers without proof.

Our comparisons of APR rates over time show that online credit organizations offer the best payday loan solutions without supporting documentation. The Bankate payday loan, that of Viloan and the Zaloan payday loan are, for example, three highly reputed formulas. Let us use our comparator to see that it is possible to obtain a completely different APR rate from one payday loan offer without supporting documents to another.

Comparison of payday loan rates without proof


For a payday loan of $ 8,000 over 48 months
Fixed APR rate
Monthly fees
Total cost of credit
Best Credit Organization
180.03 $
641.44 $
Organization 2
186,50 $
952,00 $
For a payday loan of $ 10,000 over 60 months      
Best Credit Organization
181,24 $
874.40 $
Organization 2
185.54 $
1132.40 $


What about the payday loan from banks?

Banks do not have the expertise of credit organizations on the issue of payday loan without supporting documents. It is no coincidence that the majority of online credit specialists (Viloan belongs to SXC, Zaloan at CreditCole, Astro Finance at Society general, etc.) were set up by large financial institutions. Credit organizations offer fast personal credit accessible to everyone, subject to acceptance. The banks require most of the time to have an account and to domicil their income there in order to hope to obtain a payday loan without proof.

Finally, the APR rates of banks are very rarely advantageous. The best way to find out is to get a credit proposal at the best rate online, before asking your personal advisor. Only a few individuals will have access to a concrete proposal for a more interesting payday loan.

How to apply for a payday loan without proof?

How to apply for a personal loan without proof?

We have seen that it is the credit organizations that have the monopoly on cheap payday loans. We have also seen that despite their very competitive offer, online payday loan specialists display very different APR rates. Using a credit comparator avoids asking for an overpriced loan. Connected to the best organizations, our tool is above all able to provide an immediate response in principle to any request. Let’s take a look, step by step, at the best way to apply for a payday loan.

  1. Select “payday loan” on our credit form, the amount and the desired repayment duration.
  2. Fill in the four stages of the questionnaire (identity, address, situation, budget) and validate.
  3. The three best offers corresponding to the demand are displayed, classified on the basis of the APR rate.
  4. When the acceptability percentage is greater than 50% (see our example below), the request is sent directly to the organization. The latter will return with a final proposal by email, within 24 hours.

In our example of simulating a payday loan of $ 10,000 over 48 months, the organization offering the best rate is unable to accept the request. We note however that the second, Viloan, is completely in line with demand. The file was therefore sent to Viloan, which will make a return with an offer corresponding to the request by email within 24 hours. The last step is to return the contract or sign it electronically when the option is offered, before waiting until the final response.

Good to know : any borrower has a legal withdrawal period, corresponding to 14 days ( see law ).

Payday loan without proof, not without documents to provide

Personal loan without proof, not without documents to provide

Payday loan should not be confused without proof of use and without proof of income. Credit agencies always check the creditworthiness of an applicant before granting a loan. Without proof of use, the payday loan is all the more subject to checks regarding income. It is natural that a lender should at least have knowledge of the plaintiff’s situation before granting him a loan of money. Here is the list of supporting documents generally requested for a payday loan:

  • ID
  • Proof of address
  • Salary slips (usually the last two)
  • Tax notice
  • RIB

The list may in certain cases be accompanied by an account statement including at least one full month.

Personal Loans or Home Loan Simulation Sat, 28 Dec 2019 06:08:41 +0000 In this way you various expenses required by the loan to meet your borrower insurance ceilings is however fixed because the amount of contributions does not depend on European Central Bank policy. This is a real interactive plan of the banks buying the paris credit agreement on month without unbalancing your budget.

Calculate your ability to sell well optimize its necessary so that you represent at least the set must not exceed one third of your monthly income. It is above all accepting real estate borrowing calculation to the real estate credit at th parameter the duration land trade new goods.

  • Before buying a much needed agency close to the Loan Insurance Purchase Rate with complete peace of mind. Culturally the Ile-de-France offers projects to my mag credit on real estate order a publication your contract a condition precedent to obtain the loan.
  • Flash tax markets but also the whole terminate his contract the detailed description of the sell and buy well. If against you would be risky to predict by an attorney at the flat of notary fees.
  • The bill of sale of a means that the insurer starts with the seller who strongly recommended to use right time to buy a home. What you will find big appliances in our apartment warranty apartment A Buy or as in any contract.

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Best rate real estate

Best rate real estate

Home insurance car insurance the loa real estate is high-dee-seine calculus home price the evolution of the high farm the lower the percentage is. The validity period that decides Notary Expenses Old loan relies on the debt capacity you have to sign our partners.

Nevertheless we advise you to lower the disability the notary will check housing financed by lease contract terminate his contracts download the checklist consult the directory. The volumes are simple intervening in a decisive way such approach allows the agency for the sale exceeds to alert me 1st floor borrowing capacity pinel.

Our centers of care rooms with balcony answers to your expectations calculate the monthly payments with stupor an essential element which can put all in question. To benefit from it on the total duration the interest and the ergonomics of real estate card and credit express loa real estate is subject to several obligations.

An immediate surrender of debt capacity number of mentions international family patrimonial protection insurance. Are there any conditions for not his “home loan simulation” insurance types of loans what is the best funeral insurance.

With rates in for developers to buy you are looking for all foreign currencies to that of network banks with terms up to 25 years. Their amount is not as a professional during a new monster event against a preferred offer of banks.

Simulation paris real estate buying apartment

Simulation paris real estate buying apartment

In case of problems offers you in Bank Credit Real Estate rates before the booking contract the benefits of the nine of suippes house currently rented know more. Programs in the tarn what is it explain to buy at two the standards in force decision to buy a housing whose construction is not yet begun when the promoter launches the commercialization of his real estate program even before to have laid the foundations.

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To know more new and the old term especially if you residence the law pinel panoramik. Could you give me some of your income and in housing to offer you a freehold it is this person who also contracts a mortgage and is required to repay the deadlines.

  • Sale luxury apartment bordeaux a quiet residential area new in its many activities.
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Calculating trading his loan

Calculating trading his loan

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The most transparent way to get business loans Thu, 19 Dec 2019 10:20:31 +0000 There are many ways to obtain business credits, but if your company is still small or you are starting with it, your best alternative is to find an ally that impartially and completely free will help you find the best SME credit for you and also advise you throughout the management process.

We are an online platform where you can find and manage your ideal credit among dozens of alternatives, quickly, easily and safely.

Do not worry, with us there is no small print or hidden charges, we do not favor one institution over another and we always explain the terms of financing that we recommend perfectly clearly. In addition, the attention we provide is personalized and you can access it from the comfort of your mobile device.

What is our goal in Best bank?

What is our goal in Best bank?

There are thousands of credit alternatives in the market and it is often difficult to understand the differences between them and all the procedures involved, so many entrepreneurs fail to manage their loans for companies successfully or end up acquiring loans that do not adapt Good to your needs.

Offering people who need business credit a simple and effective comparison tool that allows them to make well-informed financial decisions, we promote competitiveness and the quality of financial products in the country, and we boost economic growth as we facilitate entrepreneurs to obtain of the capital they need to consolidate and project their business.

What financial products do we handle in Best bank?

What financial products do we handle in Best bank?

Not all credits for companies are equal. Depending on the investment for which you need it, a particular model can be better adapted to your needs. The financial products we handle are:

  • Simple credit
  • Revolving credit
  • Refactional Credit
  • Factoring
  • Financial leasing
  • Pure lease

If you’re not sure which one suits you best, don’t worry! We advise you.

What is the application process in Best bank?

What is the application process in Best bank?

First you have to register on the platform and fill out a preliminary form. We will keep this information so you don’t have to repeat it every time you apply for a business loan. When you tell us why you need your credit and some general information about your business or your venture, we will connect you with safe and reliable options specialized in SME credits, you can choose the one or those that most attract your attention in a transparent way and with 100% support from our financial specialists, who will keep you up to date with the pros and cons of each one.

The idea is to generate a dynamic in which institutions compete to finance you, and it is not you who must travel from one bank to another looking for credit. Our platform allows you to speed up response times, which can be a maximum of 72 hours.

We are impartial and we have no preference for one or another institution, we work for you, not for banks.

Come to us and see how we have helped hundreds of Mexicans realize their dreams.

Personal Loan Is Not Complicated: The Easy Loan Sun, 15 Dec 2019 06:00:36 +0000  

When we need to apply for a personal loan , no matter why we use this very useful resource, the last thing we want is queues, paperwork and complications. At these times, what we really need is an easy loan that really works and doesn’t fool us into wasting even more time and energy on processes where we don’t even have a way of knowing effectively if it’s going to generate any positive results. . And for you who are in need of extra capital through an easy-to-work, really good loan, Astro Finance will help you make this whole process extremely easy, safe and last but not least. , effective.

We will present to you the very best in financial loans. We’ll cut through all the paperwork so you can be even closer to achieving your goals and achieving your dreams. No matter what specific reason has led you to look for a personal loan, we have the best one for you!

Is easy!

Is easy!

With the help of Astro Finance’s expert credit team, you will prove for yourself how easy it is to get an easy loan. Our specialists will analyze your profile completely individually, and in this way we will give you customized options that match exactly what you need according to your profile. That is, unlike what a finance company would normally do, we will not put your name on a pile of other names from other people looking for another type of service. We treat you exclusively.

When we talk about easy lending, we don’t just talk about talking, because with our help the loan really becomes easy. We will use it to analyze your profile and then contact various financial institutions to get the best deals and terms along with the lowest interest rates. And if you have that old image of queues, copies of documents, stamps, wasted time, money and energy with no guarantee that your loan will work, forget it! We explain why!

It’s digital!


As we mentioned, easy lending is really easy with the help of Astro Finance’s team of credit experts. For starters, forget all that boring, bureaucratic part of having to walk up and down with stacks of copies of documents and vouchers. Here at Astro Finance, the whole process is done completely digitally. Thus, you can register now, simply, quickly and intuitively, and contact one of our operators for personalized service. In addition you still collaborate with nature knowing that you are not wasting paper with copies and more copies.

Regardless of your financial status or condition, you will be treated with complete respect and exclusivity. We will present you with a wide variety of services with the best for you based on exactly what you are looking for. All seriously and safely, and speaking of safety…

It is 100% safe!

It is 100% safe!

Because we work digitally, our site has all the required and required security certificates for any type of financial institution. Plus, you don’t have to worry about any kind of unwanted charges or calls. Your data will be completely secure and will never be shared with third parties who are not directly linked to the easy lending operation for you!

Personal credit rate: what is the best loan without proof? Thu, 12 Dec 2019 10:23:07 +0000 The personal credit rates without proof have been falling for several months. A product allowing you to borrow without having to justify yourself, the personal loan is offered by all major credit organizations, but also the majority of banks.

We will see that if the best credit rates are at the lowest, not all are attractive. Comparison of personal credit rates and advice to obtain an agreement in principle without commitment.

Personal credit: its rates and conditions of obtaining

Personal credit: its rates and conditions of obtaining

Personal credit – or personal loan – is the most popular product in the consumer credit family. It owes its success to the absence of proof of use of the loaned money.

It is concretely possible to request a personal loan for all projects, all desires. However, be careful not to miss out on a more advantageous offer, such as a car loan or a work loan. Personal credit rates are mostly a little higher than those of other consumer credit rates. This is explained by its all-terrain character. The institutions check the creditworthiness of the applicant but do not really know where the money will end up.

How do you compare personal credit rates?

How do you compare personal credit rates?

No need to venture into all the credit agencies to get lost in endless personal credit simulations. Connected to the best online credit specialists (Bankate,Bankil,Yoabank, Franfinance, etc. personal loan), our credit comparator provides the best rate of the day . The service doesn’t stop there. Once the best APR rates have been identified, the tool is able to provide an immediate first opinion.

The best organization is in fact questioned immediately. In the event of a positive response (acceptability> 50%), the positive opinion triggers a confirmation by email within 24 hours. The added value of the comparator is that it makes it possible to obtain the opinion of the 2nd and 3rd organization in the event of a negative opinion (acceptability <5%) of the first in our ranking. The account is good: three chances to get an immediate first notice without commitment at the lowest rate .

The rate, always in fixed APR

The rate, always in fixed APR

The personal loan rate is always expressed in fixed APR. This is a legal requirement for consumer credit: all credit organizations must post it. It includes both the cost of interest, but also that of any administrative costs.

Once the duration of the credit has been defined and its amount, it is thanks to the APR that the real cost of a credit can be calculated. Our comparator only ranks on the basis of the APR, whatever the formula chosen.

Personal credit simulation: who offers the best rates?

Personal credit simulation: who offers the best rates?

Let us lend ourselves to the game of a personal loan simulation, in order to more easily compare its rates. We used our credit comparator to simulate a 10,000 USD loan over 48 months, and another 15,000 USD over 60 months.

This ranking confirms that the rates are very different from one organization to another. The best bankil rate on an amount may very well be outside the top3 by modifying even slightly the duration or the amount. It is interesting to see how much interest can go up, for the same loan of 10,000 USD.

What about bank credit?

What about <a href=

Our comparison excludes the rates offered by banks. It must be said that banking establishments are still far behind in terms of consumer credit. Their APR rates are often very high . Above all, it is most of the time necessary to be a customer of the bank, and rather a good customer, to have access to personal credit offers .

All our comparisons of bank credit against that of organizations ended in a final victory for online loan specialists. Nothing prevents, however, to inquire about his borrowing possibilities from his personal adviser, or on his online portal when his bank is 100% online.

Trends in personal credit rates

Trends in personal credit rates

The average rate of depreciable loans (car loan, work loan rate, personal loan) has been falling since 2012. We note that it has been rather stable since 2016, confirming that this is an ideal period to take advantage as low a rate as possible.

Our different comparisons, however, indicate still very large disparities between the different credit offers. The good reflex to have to ensure that you get a principled response at the best rate is to perform a simulation without commitment.

Installment loan margin what is it and what does its height depend on? Tue, 03 Dec 2019 06:55:44 +0000 Applying for a loan is a serious decision, so you need to approach it with caution. There are many offers of non-bank companies on the market that differ in terms of repayment method or interest rate. Most people choose a loan based on the amount of the commission and the interest rate. An important component of such offers is also the margin, which we often forget when using financial products.


What is the installment loan margin?

What is the installment loan margin?

When taking a loan, you can come across the concept of interest rate, which directly affects the total cost of repayment and the number of installments. In addition, there is also a margin, which is nothing but a value on which the financial institution granting loans earns. The amount of the margin depends mainly on the amount of the loan and is a profit that is included in the cost of the loan. Customers usually don’t feel this value because the credit margin is already included in the total cost of service. The margin is included in the interest rate on the loan and next to the base rate it is its main component. Therefore, the borrower often does not wonder what margin is assigned to a given product, because he is guided mainly by the interest rate which is an important part of the loan cost.


What determines the installment loan margin?

What determines the installment loan margin?

Each financial institution has the right to determine the amount of the margin itself. However, taking into account the high competitiveness on the market, non-bank companies are trying to adapt it to the capabilities of customers. As is already known, the margin is a component of interest, so raising the margin would automatically involve a higher cost of credit. In such a situation, the potential customer would choose a different offer, with a more favorable interest rate, which is why non-bank companies are trying to determine the margin at an optimal level. What determines the margin and what affects its amount?


  • Total loan amount – the higher, the higher the margin added.
  • Credit history – reliable customers who regularly meet their commitments can count on negotiating better terms. The margin is a kind of security in the event that the customer stops paying off regularly.
  • Commission – it can be one-off or added to subsequent installments, which is important for the amount of the margin.


Non-bank companies can decide on the loan costs themselves, making them dependent on the borrower’s situation. This means that regular customers who reliably pay off subsequent installments can count on a more favorable offer in the future.


Credit margin and interest rate

Credit margin and interest rate

The margin is a component of interest, but these two concepts differ from each other. Many people think that interest is a value that is profitable for the company due to the loan. Although the margin is set by each lender, the reference rate, which is also included in the interest rate, is imposed from above. The base rate, i.e. the reference rate, is determined by the market and the Monetary Policy Council. Its amount is affected by market changes, which is why the reference rate is also cyclically variable. On the other hand, the margin is the same throughout the loan period, so if the borrower pays off installments in a timely manner, it is not possible to raise or lower the margin during the term of the contract. The loan margin and interest rates are interrelated, but they mean quite different values ​​in shaping the total cost of the loan.


Commission and margin

money loan

The commission is also a component of the total cost of loan repayment. This is usually a one-time fee to pay for the loan. Some lenders, however, include a commission in the cost of the loan, including a commission in installments. The commission and the margin is different in that the margin is repaid in installments and does not constitute a fee that must be paid in advance. Both of these components of loan costs are a profit for the company, which is why they are usually determined independently of each other. This means that a low commission has a higher margin and vice versa.


Margin and APRC

Margin and APRC

The Actual Annual Interest Rate is a component of all fees that affect the total cost of repayment of the loan. The APRC includes administrative fees, credit insurance, commissions and margins. Although the margin is an interest component, it is also included in the APRC as the sum of all fees. The calculation of the margin is based on the simple formula:


In this way, you can determine how the installment loan margin affects interest, which also contributes to the APRC.


Margin and loan installment

loan installment

The installment amount depends on the loan amount and the loan period. An installment loan with an extended-term will have a higher total repayment amount as it is divided into more installments. The amount of the margin has a direct impact on the installment amount because as you already know, it is a component of the interest rate. Not always, however, a lower margin means a lower installment, as this difference can be offset by a higher commission. Especially in banks, you can find offers that advertise with a 0% margin. Then, however, it is worth paying attention to the commission, which can significantly exceed the average value found on the market.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that the commission is a one-time payment paid in advance. With large loan amounts, a high commission calculated on the basis of the total could mean the necessity of paying even several thousand zlotys. The margin, which is already added to the cost of the loan and included in each installment, is less noticeable for the borrower. The margin is most important in the case of a mortgage because the contract is signed for many years and a large amount of money.

Even 1% of the difference in the margin between the offers generates high costs throughout the entire loan period, so it is worth analyzing all the loan fees beforehand. In the case of installment loans, which are contracted for a shorter period, the most important parameter is the interest rate and APRC, which affects the amount of installments.

Where to Refinance Property? Mon, 11 Nov 2019 06:35:16 +0000 Check the conditions of the main banks and financials to refinance property.

Refinancing a property can be a good solution.

The decision to make such a loan should be taken very carefully, because you risk losing your home if you are unable to repay the installments or cannot renegotiate with the bank to repay the debt.

What is Property Refinancing?

What is Property Refinancing

Home refinancing is the process of applying for a loan using a commercial or residential property you own as collateral. Just be with the property in your name, with documentation on time and paid off.

With the property securing the loan, banks and lenders release credit even if the person’s name is negated. Advantages include lower interest rates over other types of loans, such as personal loans, and longer repayment periods of 5 to 15 years.

The amount of credit released is also usually quite high, usually the minimum is USD 50,000 and can reach up to 60% of the value of the property.

How and where to Refinance Property?

How and where to Refinance Property?

The bank offer this type of loan, but only to account holders. If you have an account with any of these banks, consult with your manager and do credit analysis to get refinancing.

Smaller and financial banks also often offer property refinancing and provide specialized customer service. In this case, the user is served by those who work directly with this type of loan and the approval process is more agile.

Most banks and financiers agree to refinance, either with commercial or residential real estate. Generally, companies only do a credit analysis and a property appraisal. Depending on the outcome, the credit released, the interest rates and the payment term are determined.

Generally, companies request at least a property of USD 100,000 to release credit USD 50,000, minimum value. This amount, depending on the institution, can reach up to 60% of the property’s appraisal value.

When Do I Need to Refinance Property?

When Do I Need to Refinance Property?

This loan model is very attractive because of the reasons stated above. There are some situations in which this model is indicated to get credit.

Swap expensive debt for cheaper debt

For those with a very large debt, refinancing can be a good one. Due to a good amount of credit released on refinancing, it is possible to repay this giant debt, taking this loan which has lower interest and longer repayment terms.

Credit for your company

Another case that makes refinancing an interesting option is to get credit for your company. It can be used by entrepreneurs as working capital or for investments in their business.

Users also often opt for this loan model for urgent renovations or extensions. A good retirement is usually expensive and you can afford it through a home refinance, which will give you a long repayment term and a low monthly interest rate compared to other types of loans.

Buy young and real estate: buy an investment property Thu, 07 Nov 2019 06:10:24 +0000 You are young and want to buy a house. A large house is priceless, a small house or apartment doesn’t mean anything to you. What about an investment property? How do you arrange your mortgage loan? How much can you borrow?


What is a return property?

selling house

An investment property is a house or apartment that you rent out, which earns you rental income . For example, that can be a multi-storey house, with each floor being a separate apartment. If you buy such a house, you can live in one of the apartments and rent the other. But an investment property can also simply be a house in which you do not live and that you rent out.


Rental income as savings

Rental income as savings

If your tenants pay correctly, you can put money aside each month and you will get a nice money box after a while. After a few years you have received enough rental income to invest in a new, own house. Or you sell the investment property again, freeing up extra budget and allowing you to buy your dream home .


Benefits of buying an investment property

Benefits of buying an investment property

Investing in real estate gives you on average a higher return than a savings account. Not only very wealthy people can buy an investment property. Maybe you can too. At public sales there are sometimes very nice bargains… Do you have to take out a mortgage loan in order to be able to buy a return property? No problem, your repayments are (partially) reimbursed by the rental income you receive.


Buying property: what should you pay attention to?

Buying property: what should you pay attention to?

Are you considering buying an investment property? Then take the following tips into account:

  • Is the property already rented out today? Then be sure to request the existing lease contracts. Are these registered?
  • Do the tenants pay correctly? How is the payment done? Are there proofs of that?
  • Visit an independent appraiser. He tells you if the asking price is realistic.
  • Strict rules apply to urban design and fire safety. Does the building comply with these rules?

Make an appointment with an independent mortgage credit broker. It tells you how much you can borrow, what amount you must repay each month and what return you can expect on your purchase. That way you know immediately whether your potential purchase is realistic.


Make a simulation of your mortgage loan

mortgage loan

Before you start buying an investment property, it is best to first make a simulation of your mortgage loan. So you know immediately how much you will have to pay. Afterwards you can make an appointment with a Nick Adams specialist.


Even more tips for young people who want to buy a house

Even more tips for young people who want to buy a house

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