The payday loan without proof of project is a credit whose money can be used completely freely. It is in no case a loan without supporting documents to be provided. All the main consumer credit players (credit organizations, banks, insurers) have payday loan solutions. But who offers the best rate, and how do you make sure you get it?

What is a payday loan without proof?

What is a personal loan without proof?

The personal credit without justification is a loan that does not require justification on the issue of the use of money. This consumer credit differs from products such as new car credit or work loan, which involve providing a purchase order.

Personal credit offers complete freedom in carrying out your project. It can be used as travel credit, facilitate the purchase of a new second-hand vehicle or even make it possible to carry out the wedding of your dreams. Please note that this is not a loan without proof of income to be provided. Impossible, for example, to find a payday loan without proof of salary. Here are the main features of the payday loan without proof of use:

  • Amount: $ 1,000 to $ 75,000
  • Duration: generally 12 to 60 months, more in some cases
  • Rate: fixed APR
  • The payday loan is without proof of use of the loaned money

The APR rate explained

Personal credit solutions are always associated with an APR rate. This annual effective annual rate includes the cost of the credit, as well as all the additional costs (administration fees). It is a benchmark in consumer credit. Our payday loan comparator without proof is based on the APR, and makes it possible to directly differentiate a cheap payday loan from another less advantageous.

Payday loan without proof: where to apply?

Personal loan without proof: where to apply?

You should know that all credit players offer payday loans without proof of use. It is a type of credit much appreciated by the French, who are using it more and more to carry out various projects (travel, marriage, etc.). Unfortunately, not all of them have interesting offers. There are indeed huge disparities at several levels (rate, speed of processing requests) between several payday loan offers without proof.

Our comparisons of APR rates over time show that online credit organizations offer the best payday loan solutions without supporting documentation. The Bankate payday loan, that of Viloan and the Zaloan payday loan are, for example, three highly reputed formulas. Let us use our comparator to see that it is possible to obtain a completely different APR rate from one payday loan offer without supporting documents to another.

Comparison of payday loan rates without proof


For a payday loan of $ 8,000 over 48 months
Fixed APR rate
Monthly fees
Total cost of credit
Best Credit Organization
180.03 $
641.44 $
Organization 2
186,50 $
952,00 $
For a payday loan of $ 10,000 over 60 months      
Best Credit Organization
181,24 $
874.40 $
Organization 2
185.54 $
1132.40 $


What about the payday loan from banks?

Banks do not have the expertise of credit organizations on the issue of payday loan without supporting documents. It is no coincidence that the majority of online credit specialists (Viloan belongs to SXC, Zaloan at CreditCole, Astro Finance at Society general, etc.) were set up by large financial institutions. Credit organizations offer fast personal credit accessible to everyone, subject to acceptance. The banks require most of the time to have an account and to domicil their income there in order to hope to obtain a payday loan without proof.

Finally, the APR rates of banks are very rarely advantageous. The best way to find out is to get a credit proposal at the best rate online, before asking your personal advisor. Only a few individuals will have access to a concrete proposal for a more interesting payday loan.

How to apply for a payday loan without proof?

How to apply for a personal loan without proof?

We have seen that it is the credit organizations that have the monopoly on cheap payday loans. We have also seen that despite their very competitive offer, online payday loan specialists display very different APR rates. Using a credit comparator avoids asking for an overpriced loan. Connected to the best organizations, our tool is above all able to provide an immediate response in principle to any request. Let’s take a look, step by step, at the best way to apply for a payday loan.

  1. Select “payday loan” on our credit form, the amount and the desired repayment duration.
  2. Fill in the four stages of the questionnaire (identity, address, situation, budget) and validate.
  3. The three best offers corresponding to the demand are displayed, classified on the basis of the APR rate.
  4. When the acceptability percentage is greater than 50% (see our example below), the request is sent directly to the organization. The latter will return with a final proposal by email, within 24 hours.

In our example of simulating a payday loan of $ 10,000 over 48 months, the organization offering the best rate is unable to accept the request. We note however that the second, Viloan, is completely in line with demand. The file was therefore sent to Viloan, which will make a return with an offer corresponding to the request by email within 24 hours. The last step is to return the contract or sign it electronically when the option is offered, before waiting until the final response.

Good to know : any borrower has a legal withdrawal period, corresponding to 14 days ( see law ).

Payday loan without proof, not without documents to provide

Personal loan without proof, not without documents to provide

Payday loan should not be confused without proof of use and without proof of income. Credit agencies always check the creditworthiness of an applicant before granting a loan. Without proof of use, the payday loan is all the more subject to checks regarding income. It is natural that a lender should at least have knowledge of the plaintiff’s situation before granting him a loan of money. Here is the list of supporting documents generally requested for a payday loan:

  • ID
  • Proof of address
  • Salary slips (usually the last two)
  • Tax notice
  • RIB

The list may in certain cases be accompanied by an account statement including at least one full month.